Our partners are key to the success of this project. Currently, the Community Works partnership includes at least 3 pre-qualified transportation industry employers, 2 minority or women-owned enterprises, MGM Casino, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, three joint labor/management apprenticeship programs, six labor unions, two workforce development centers, a community college, at least two vocational high schools, a regional employment board, and a community-based educational agency. As we move into fiscal 2018, our partnership is evolving to include additional transportation industry employers. The greater the involvement of our partners the more successful we stand as a program. We aim for partner engagement. To that end, we involve partners in outreach and recruitment, in participant selection decision-making, in course instruction, in field trips to joint apprenticeship training programs experience, in on-the-job training, and in job placement. In other words, we are a partnership program in every phase of our operations. To underscore that point, we regularly convene of steering committee of industry partners to help shape program directions, biweekly during project start-up, monthly in the later stages of the project.